Baan Hom Samunphrai A  Herbal Health Centre & School

 Chiangmai, Thailand






      Under the control of
 Thai Ministry of Education
     Chor Mor 04-004/2554



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Baan Hom Samunphrai

93/2a Moo 12

Tawangtan, Saraphi,

Chiang Mai 50140,


 tel.  053-817-362 (English)

 tel.  053-817-356 (Thai)

 fax. 053-817-362

 tel.  081.885.1429

                  (Maw Hom direct)


Thai Language Page

Where We Are

Thai Herbal Medicine

Thai Traditional Massage

Herbal Steam Baths

Training Courses

Conferences & Seminars


Credentials & Licenses

Christopher Woodman

Calendar & Events








         MEMBER OF
The  Association of Thai Tradi-
    tional Healers (Chiang Mai)





 Under the control of the Thai
        Ministry of Education:
      Chor Mor 04-004/2554

"The House of Sweet Smelling Herbs"

DAILY TREATMENTS.  How to book a treatment & how to get here.

Among other services, we offer Thai Traditional Massage and Herbal Steam Baths in a small village 9 kms southwest of Chiang Mai. It's better to phone ahead as we have only a few therapists -- tel. 053.817.362 or 081.885.1429. It takes 15-20 minutes to get here by motorcycle, car, tuk tuk or song taew -- click here for a map in Thai and English which you can print out for any driver.

A Full Massage takes about two hours and costs 600 baht -- a Foot Massage is 300 baht and takes about one hour. Either can be combined with a  Herbal Steam Bath (200 baht) which can take up to an hour and includes dips in our cooling pool along with home-grown herb tea. A Full Massage with Herbal Compresses takes about 3 hours and costs 900 baht.

If you think you might benefit from a special Therapeutic Massage (1000 baht) or Womb-lifting (1300 baht) you need to discuss your condition with our director, Maw Hom, who can suggest a specific course of treatment and therapist to work with you. Indeed, you may come just for a consultation -- there is no charge for that.


GENERAL INTRODUCTION. You can click on what interests you below.

We're a Traditional Thai Massage School and Herbal Medicine Centre as well as a sort of Thai village inn with Live-in Accommodations for both students and guests.  Our school offers live-in Traditional Thai Massage Training Courses at all levels, from novice to professional, from one-on-one intensives to a maximum of 8 students, and serious amateurs are welcome to participate as well. We also offer various courses on Herbs and Herbal Therapies -- if you don't find what you want on our Training Page or Calendar, do ask us. And if you're a guest just come and stay for as long as you like.

Our Director is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health and our Certificates recognized  by The Thai Ministry of Education. In addition, we host Groups, Conferences and Seminars (up to 20 participants) for those who want to come here with their own teachers and/or special interests--from yurts to yours truly and yoga. Long Stay is possible as well --we're not right for everyone but very right for some, and have had guests in full or partial Retreat for up to 6 months--writers, thinkers, bodies and minds in recovery, lives being rebuilt. Finally, this is the home of the poet, Christopher Woodman, and we welcome writers, artists, musicians and indeed anyone who is troubled by the muse!


COMING UP: Our Calendar & Events Page lists all our Courses  to January 2015.

1.) July 28th to August 9th, 2014: Thai Massage Personal Workshop. This 12 day period has been set aside as an intense refresher workshop for Homprang's ex-students who are now working as  professionals. Max 6 students -- first come first served.  Students may sign up for anywhere from 5 to 12 days of personalized study.

2.) August 11th to the 16th, 2014: 40 Hour Foot Reflexology Workshop. This course can be taken on it's own or combined with the 80 Hour Thai Massage Course that follows -- the two courses are a logical sequence, the foot encompassing as it does in miniature all the elements of the body.

3.) August 18th to the 30th, 2014: 80 Hour Thai Massage Course. The full, 2 hour Thai Traditional Massage, legs, arms, side, prone and sitting positions, with an emphasis on technique.

4.) September 1st to the 6th, 2014: 40 Hour Womblifting Workshop. This course can be taken separately or combined with the Thai Massage Course that precedes it.

5.) September 8th to the 13th, 2014: 40 Hour Foot Reflexology Workshop. If a student hasn't already done so, this course forms a natural sequence with the Thai Massage and Womblifting courses that precede it.

6.) Sept. 22nd to October 26th, 2014: 150 Hour Thai Therapeutic Massage Course.  This intensive course includes the regular work on the  legs, arms, side, prone and sitting positions of Thai Traditional Massage but adds a detailed study of the acupressure points, sen lines, and abdominal work which are involved in traditional Thai healing therapies.

Two Month Intensive: Students may opt to take the 150 Hour Course following the 80 Hour Thai Massage, the Womblifting & the Foot Reflexology -- a two month sequence like this can prepare a highly motivated novice for professional work, or an experienced professional to teach.

Ex-students please take note. Homprang will teach an advanced 150 hr Acupressure Massage Course from December 8th to January 1st, 2014. Open by application only.

There are Womblifting, Reflexology, and Herbal Therapies Courses scheduled every month. Please go to our Calendar & Events Page for the exact dates.

There is always a degree of flexibility in Homprang's work, and you should make clear to her your interests from the start.  To understand better how she organizes her classes and workshops you can click here.

For notes on how to enroll in a course click here.


We are honored to have been selected by the Tourist Authority of Thailand  for their 2014 CREATIVE TOURISM initiative. We very much support the concept as we've always had difficulty explaining who we are. We're not a 'Resort Hotel,' not a 'Guesthouse,' not a 'Spa,' not even a 'School' in the Western sense. "We're none of the above," we always end up by saying, "We're just Thai!"

You can CLICK HERE to see the TAT Brochure which will be released in English as well in due course.


All our therapies and services are as simple as this open floor with its hand-glazed tiles.


Baan Hom Samunphrai is the home of Maw Samunphrai ("Herbal Medicine Doctor") Homprang Chaleekanha, 54, a specialist in Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Boran) and Thai Yoga (Rasidaton) who also practices Thai Therapeutic Massage, Midwifery and Herbal Medicine.'Maw Hom,' as she is called, grew up in a small village on the Burmese border with no road or electricity, the only 'doctor' being her rice-farming grandmother who doubled as the local mid­wife and herbalist. Maw Hom is now not only licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health as a Traditional Doctor but as a Herbal Pharmacologist, a Traditional Midwife, and a Massage Teacher, and her school is approved by the Ministry of Education. She has also travelled widely in Europe and North America, and is fluent in English as well as Thai, a rare facility among genuine traditional healers.


Maw Hom comparing notes with a Canadian Botanist; enjoying her friends by the pool; working with two professional colleagues,
 one Thai, one English; leading the
Rasidaton (Thai Yoga) at 7am.

Introducing her students to Acharn Suwan, a Buddhist philosopher & herbalist, at his garden retreat in Chiang Dao; demonstrating
 'Womb-lifting' at an International Health Exhibition; with her colleagues at The Association of Thai Traditional Healers, Chiang Mai.


All the above roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit have medicinal value, and Maw Hom will show you them if not in her own herb 
garden then in her community or earth market. Herbal preparations are an important dimension in  all her training courses.

For an intimate glimpse into the Baan Hom Samunphrai experience, try this!

Just as he was leaving Baan Hom a few days ago, a guest called Kundan Ewan handed Christopher a colorful little book called My Friend Nasruddin. Well, we all know and love Nasruddin, and we thought -- "How kind and uncomplicated of our new friend, Kundan Ewan -- a little children's book to keep us safe and probably a bit more secure in the saddle."

Well, a few hours later Christopher pulled the book out of his pocket and started reading, and what a shock. The book was, of course, written by Kundan Ewan himself, and the Nasruddin tales in it were all Kundan Ewan's very own. And everybody at Baan Hom is now reading his stories voraciously and doing all sorts of crazy little things as if they were saints. And Christopher says that he himself, far from being a bit more secure in the saddle, is now wild with wisdom and couldn't care less!

You can click on try this above to join The Baan Hom Samunphrai Kundan Club

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